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Meadowlark Arts Council

Necklace making Arch Ellwein portrays T.R. Music is also featured
The Meadowlark Arts Council was formed as a non-profit organization in the 1990s with the
purpose of promoting the arts and humanities in Divide County. Over the years it has
sponsored dozens of public presentations, including concerts, dramatic performances, art exhibits and recitals.

In addition, the council, in partnership with Divide County Schools, has sponsored a variety of artists in residence, from glassblowers to cowboy poets, providing arts education to students
as well as other community residents.
With the purchase of the Dakota Theatre*, a number of cash and labor contributions, along with a number of grants, enabled the council to make significant improvements to the
theatre and to maintain it as an active and operating show hall. In addition to weekly movies, the theater is regularly used for community meetings, art exhibits and youth activities.

The council holds an annual "Classic Flix" program in which a number of prominent, old time movies are shown.

Meadowlark Arts Council is operated by a volunteer board of directors, with a separate management committee taking care of Dakota Theatre operations. It is supported by
members who pay annual dues to cover many of the operating expenses.

Membership dues are $1 to $24 for individuals; $25-49 for families;
$50 to $99 for benefactors; $100 to $199 for sustaining members;
$200 to $499 for Major Donors; and $500 or more for Founders.

Send your contribution or dues payment to Meadowlark Arts Council,
P.O. Box 295, Noonan, ND, 58765.
*In 2000, Meadowlark Arts Council took on perhaps
its most ambitious project when it purchased and renovated the historic Dakota Theatre.

Dakota Theatre
Shows every Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • 12 and under $5.50
  • 13 and above $6.50
  • Balcony $7.50
















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